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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5:30pm , Steinert Practice Center 205
Music Department, Brown University (on the corner of Hope St and Power St)
DR. JESSE ALLISON, Assistant Professor of Experimental Music & Digital Media - LSU School of Music AVATAR Initiative - LSU Center for Computation & Technology
"Sonic Interventions: Extending the Application of Sonic Art"
Topics will include Dr. Allison's installation "Social Structure [Construction no.1]" being presented at Pixilerations (Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, studio 1), tactile transducers, distributed performance, geo-locative audio, and hybrid worlds.

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

12:00pm, Granoff Center, Project Room 441:
CHUN-CHIANG NIU (Taipei, Taiwan)
Distortion, 2009
Installation with video projection and 3 pieces of A4 paper
Chun-Chiang Niu describes his work Distortion as an “image-sculpture.” In this minimalist installation, Nui projects the recorded video image of three pieces of paper moving in the wind, onto three pieces of still paper hung on the gallery wall. The visual melding of image and object that occurs blurs the viewer’s perception, suggesting powerful metaphoric connections between movement and stillness, present and past, the virtual and the actual.

3:00 pm, Sol Koffler Gallery:
E-LIN LUO & I-CHUN CHEN (Taipei, Taiwan)
Light Calligraphy 2.0, 2011
Interactive installation with light and robotics
Light Calligraphy is an interactive installation in which viewers engage with a moving beam of light. As viewers follow the beam, which mirrors the breath and movement of calligraphic gesture, a fading shadow image is left behind on a light sensitive wall. The collaborative temporal image that forms reflects the alignment of the viewer’s own movement with that of the light, reflecting a Zen unison of human, machine and technological movement.

3:45 pm, Sol Koffler Gallery:
Model Landscapes, 2005
Mixed Media, Acrylic, Wood, 1.8" LCD Screens, Camera
Model Landscapes engages with our desire for the perfect landscape and plays on the definition of the word ‘model’ as something ‘smaller than’ the thing it represents, or, the ‘ideal form’ of something. Each shelf holds a miniature landscape that draws the viewer in and demands close inspection. These small object-based scenes are subject to surveillance by cameras linked to 1.8 inch screens. The screens show groups of trees in winter (made from skeleton leaves), stark oak trees (3D printed tree forms made from mathematical equations that describe branching structures), a tree (cut from a book), a marshland (made from drawing charcoal set into mirror).

4:30 pm, Sol Koffler Gallery:
OOOO, 2010 (Pavitra Wickramasinghe & Amélie Brisson-Draveau)
OOOO is an animation installation that presents a spectacle of dance using motorized thaumatropes—a pre-cinematic animation device. The thaumatrope is a small disc with images on both sides and when the disc is spun, the two images merge and animate. Using this basic principle the artists built these devices with small electronic motors. The animated images present a spectacle of dance.

Friday, September 30th, 2011

3:00 pm, Granoff Center, Level 2
PAUL MYODA (Providence, RI)
Glittering Machine: Paranoid Personality Disorder, 2011
Aluminum, Thermoplastic, LEDs, Stepper Motor, Microprocessor
Glittering Machines are modular, kinetic, interactive and illuminating sculptures. Each sculpture behaves in different ways depending upon the proximity and behavior of the viewer. Taking cues from various bioluminescent organisms, these behaviors range from attraction to repulsion, camouflage to revelation, predictability to spontaneity.