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Pixilerations is a New Media festival in Providence, Rhode Island that investigates the state of New Media arts through installations, concert performance and film/video screenings.

As part of the FirstWorks performing arts festival held each fall (www.first-works.org), Pixilerations is produced annually by FirstWorks in collaboration with the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University, and in 2009 launched a new partnership with 5 Traverse Gallery.

In its sixth year, Pixilerations presented innovative works by over sixty artists from the United States, England, Italy, Spain, Holland, Austria, Canada and Brazil, and featured guest artists Pauline Oliveros and Dean & Britta.

View highlights from Pixilerations [v.6]: The Great Disruption in the FirstWorks online photo gallery:

photo highlights from Pixilerations [v.6]

PIXILERATIONS [v.6] investigates the current economic collapse which has reset thinking across all sectors of the social and cultural landscape. Tom Friedman, in a recent NY Times op-ed article, spoke of 2008 as the year of “The Great Disruption”, a title coined by Australian environmentalist, Paul Gilding. To combat the downward spiral of the country, President Obama is working to “stimulate” the economy and through some of his initiatives to develop a new philosophy for the U.S. to live by. We believe the continued ingenuity of artists can encourage us all to envision a future that provides a more sustainable and compassionate outlook for the country and the world.

Questions? Email: pixilerations [at] first-works [dot] org


PIXILERATIONS [v.6]: The Great Disruption

a showcase of digital media and interactive performance
[part of the FirstWorks Festival]

September 24 - October 11, 2009 | Providence, Rhode  Island