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Fall 2010 Screening Schedule


Join us for a line-up of new video art, animation, and experimental film
from around the world.

Special Public Performance:

The Architecture of Memory, an outdoor installation by Raphael Diluzio.
ONE NIGHT ONLY -- two video projections onto a 3/4-ton block of melting ice.
On view October 2, starting at 7 pm Corner of Union and Westminster.

Tuesday, October 5, 9:30pm

Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main St.  [map]
Hosted by Magic Lantern Cinema
Free (donation of $5 suggested)

Detailed artist and work information:

Sara Sun
Blue / Single channel video / 3 min. / 2006 / Brooklyn, NY
A dance segment from the 1936 Swing Time, a Depression Era musical, recaptured
from DVD screen. Blue uses color, animation techniques and juxtaposes an
independent audio mix with reedited video. Sara Sun lives and works in
Brooklyn, New York. Her work is predominantly video/installation, digital
image and drawing.

Barbara Agreste
Lo Specchio (the Mirror) / 16mm stop animation / 2 min. / 2010 / Italy and England
This film, the 3rd part of the Le Torre trilogy, examines themes of loss
of control and hysteria. Originally shot in16mm as a stop-action
animation the piece was then digitally mastered. Barbara Agreste was
born in 1971 in Pescara where she first studied art at the Art Lyceum,
followed by scenography in Milan and finally video and film at Central St.
Martins College of Art & Design in London. Her projects have exhibited
internationally. She lives and works in London.

Audrey Ellis Fox
Iím Like / Digital Video / 2010 / 2:52 min. / Providence, RI
I'm like is an elliptical sound, video, and text collage that resists facile
answers. Audrey Ellis Fox is concentrating in Modern Culture and Media at
Brown University. She is from Los Angeles.

Anders Weberg
For Sore Eyes / Digital Video / 2:17 min. / 2006 / Sweden
For Sore Eyes is an exploration of the ambivalence of the male gaze and
gendered (dis)order. It is a suggestive reflection of life in the sanatorium
of consumer freedom. But really what is freedom?

Anders Weberg (b.1968) is an artist and filmmaker. The human body
lies at the root of his projects that formally and conceptually map identity
and its construction as a preamble to broaching matters of violence,
genders, memory and loss.

Lucky Leone
Saddest Green House / Digital Video / 11 min. / 2010 / Providence, RI
A house, abandoned for many years, held the possessions of a family
long gone. The mother we are told lived there until she died. After her
death her daughters wanted nothing to do with the house. It was at this
time that Lucky Leone was able to look through the house, and ultimately,
to find a cardboard box emptied of its contents, her ashes.

Lucky Leone is a professional artist whose work ranges from sculpture
to painting, electronics to video. Leone has a BFA and MFA from the
Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from San Diego State University.

Dave Fischer
Yllaís World / digital video / 5 minutes / 2010 / Providence, RI
Ylla's World is a five-minute experiment in animated textures, based
on algorithmic manipulations of photographs of Mars' surface from a
NASA probe. It was inspired by Albert Lamorisse's Le vent des amoureux,
and his portrayal of the desert regions of Iran. Dave Fischer lives and
works in Providence.

David Dvorin and Douglas Crockwell
Glen Falls Sequence / Animation / 8:16 min. / 2010 / USA
In the late 1930s experimental animator Douglass Crockwell created a
series of short abstract animated silent films titled Glen Falls Sequence.
Now, David Dvorin has created an entirely new surround-sound
electroacoustic composition that would complement the surreal and
abstract visualizations of the animations.

An Emmy-nominated composer, author, and educator, David Dvorinís
music has been performed in numerous new music festivals around the
United States. He has worked with such composers as Terry Riley and
performers as the Kronos Quartet. Currently he is Professor of Music
Composition and Electronic Music at California State University at Chico,
and the artistic director of the annual New Music Symposium.

Jacopo Jenna
The Visible Man IV / Video / 2:43 min. / 2010 / Italy
A plastic model The Visible Man is a full-scale reproduction of the
human body. The skin of the model is completely transparent revealing
the bones and the inner organs. The video explores the concept of
visibility through six chapters, in which fuzzy anonymous bodies pass
through different places as reality merges with the surreal.

Jacopo Jenna is a visual artist and professional dancer. He approached
dance only as an adult when he studied in Holland in Codarts-Rotterdam
Dance Academy. He has worked in dance companies and on projects
across Europe.

Melanie Beisswenger
Follow Me / Digital Video / 1:30 seconds / 2010 / Germany and Australia
In Follow Me images and sounds flow together, as if fleeting thoughts
shooting through the mind.

Melanie Beisswenger is a German born director, animator and visual
artist. After undergraduate studies in architecture, she received her
Masters degree at the Institute of Animation, Filmakademie Baden-
WŁrttemberg in Germany. Beisswenger has worked in animation on a
number of international feature films and TV commercials. Her animation
credits include the Academy Award winning feature film Happy Feet.
Currently Melanie Beisswenger is Assistant Professor at the School of Art,
Design and Media, NTU in Singapore

Susanne Wiegner
Mixed Reflextion/ Digital Video / 2:40 min. / 2010 / Germany
Mixed Reflection uses the mixture of different video and animation
techniques, as well as the mixture of the different common media in
confronting the artistís face -- the mirror, the screen and the camera. The
video is set in the intimacy of a bathroom.

Susanne Wiegner studied architecture at the Academy of fine Arts in
Munich and at Pratt Institute in New York City. She works as an architect
and 3D-artist in Munich, Germany. In addition to projects in real space,
for several years she has been creating 3D computer animations dealing
with literature and with virtual space.

Anton Hecht
Carousel/ Digital Video / 3:42 min. / 2010 / England
In Carousel over 40 players filmed separately play five instruments
edited together and superimposed to create a loop of music.

Anton Hecht works with communities in the northeast of the UK. He
also writes and directs theatre works. Hecht holds a degree and MA in art
from Manchester University. Have shown in galleries and non-gallery
sites throughout England.

David Montgomery
Pollenating II / 1:52 min. / 2010 / Florida
The Pollenating series revisits the often painted and photographed
realm of a universal sensuality inherent in the anatomy of flowers.
Stigma, stamen and petals from more than 30 blossoms are used to create
flowing, pulsing motion, which complements the nature and function of
these organs.

David Montgomery, a hybrid naturalist and digital content creator,
spent a childhood spent mostly outdoors until at a still very early age an
onset of video game addiction may have set the stage for his art.

Andrew Wilson
Virtual Assistance / Digital Video / 4:05 min. / 2010 / Chicago
There is a company based in Bangalore, India called ’Get Friday.’ It
typically provides remote executive support, wherein a largely American
client base is assigned a ’virtual’ personal assistant. Wilson
is part of that client base. His primary assistant is a 24-year-old male
Bangalore resident named Sachin. He engages him in creative collaborative
projects and even reversals of the normative outsourcing flow. Much activity has
developed from their online and postal interactions. Virtual Assistance is
an excerpt from such a collaboration in response to a task in which
Wilson was asked to make a video about the best fighter jet in the world.

Andrew Wilson (b. 1983) is an MFA candidate at the School of the Art
Institute of Chicago. He has recently worked with media theorist Lev
Manovich, filmmakers Sam Green, Craig Baldwin, and Micha Peled, as well
as with the labor union Unite Here!

James George
Hesitation/ Digital Video / 9:30 min. / 2010 / Brooklyn, NY
Choreography by Alice Gosti
Performer Anh Nguyen
Sound design by Daniel Peterson

Hesitation is a film in which dancers respond to the architecture in a
distorted space-time. A metaphor for the formation of a relationship,
’Hesitation’ depicts two individuals encountering one another in a space
where movement is met with disruption. As one attempts to understand
the other through uncertain exchanges, they find themselves powerfully

Director James George is a software artist who creates interactive
systems. Sound designer Daniel Peterson was born in Honolulu, HI. He
received a B.A. in Comparative Literature. Choreographer Alice Gosti was
born and raised in Perugia, Italy, where she trained at Dance Gallery with
Rita Petrone and Valentina Romito. She graduated in 2008 with a B.A. in
Dance from the University of Washington.

Collin McRae
Following the Huron / Animation / 1 min. / 2010 / Michigan
Following the Huron is an animated investigation of geographic forms
used as graphic and musical notation. Instead of classical black notes as
dots suspended on five black stretching lines, the artist superimposes a
system of rules where the eye follows a changing shape of the river's
curve and speed, and the sounds respond.

Collin McRae is a violinist and former portrait painter currently
working toward a MFA at the University of Michigan. She draws
inspiration from semiotics, incorrect maps, graphic notation, her
synaesthesia, Ottoman Turkish calligraphy and cracks in cement.

Reframed / Digital Video / 13:35 min. / 2009 / Brooklyn, NY
This work was commissioned by and premiered at the Berkshire
Fringe Festival 2009 and made with the support of Dancenow/NYC. Like
watching an episode of ’Friends’ with decidedly disturbing undertones,
Reframed takes the familiar plight of 20-something romantic confusion
in an unexpectedly sinister direction.

SPINE is an artist-led production company dedicated to the
exploration of movement, language, and technology. SPINE was formed in
1999 and presented extensively throughout Europe and the USA.
Reframed was conceived, written, performed, filmed by Paul Coffey, Brent
Felker, Cory Nakasue, and Kristen Revier. Directed and edited by Brent
Felker. Score by Peter Wise